Ensuring your forklift truck is up to standard


In accordance with the specific requirements of LOLER 98 (Lifting Operations & Lifting Equipment Regulations) and PUWER 98 (The Provision and Use Of Work Equipment Regulations), It is a legal requirement for lift truck users to ensure their lift truck is examined by a competent person. Unless supporting records are available for inspection, non-compliance with these requirements can result in criminal prosecution.

To help assist in meeting these obligations, Stephensons has partnered with a leading independent inspection organisation to develop a unique inspection package. The result is that we can offer a comprehensive safety inspection programme which meets relevant statutory obligations.


  • Wear, damage, cracks or distortion of forks, fork arm hooks and positioning locks.
  • Load chains and chain anchorages for equal tension, damage, distortion, cracked, worn and damaged or missing link plates. Elongated holes, damaged or worn pins. Corroded or seized links or link plates. Allowable wear.
  • Mast assembly and fork carriage for wear, damage, cracks, distortion and fractured welds. Rollers/bearings and wear pads for correct fitment, damage, wear or deterioration.
  • Tilt and hoist rams, for creep, leakage or scores. Seals for damage or deterioration. Pivot pins, bushes and anchorages for wear, cracks, damage, distortion and security or parts.
  • Hydraulic system, pipework, reservoir, valves, hoses and fittings for damage, deterioration, wear, leakage and security of parts.
  • Steering assembly, axles, suspension, chassis members and tyres for wear, damage, distortion, deterioration, correct fitment and security of parts, counterweight for security.
  • Foot and hand brakes, clutch and or automatic transmission for efficient operation, security of parts, damage or deterioration.
  • Engine and or motor/batteries and associated equipment for efficient operation, security/fitment of parts, leakage, undue vibration/smoke emission, damage or deterioration. Correct oil and water levels.
  • Warning devices, lights, instruments, gauges and electrical system for correct wiring, burnt or loose connections, deteriorated or damaged wiring, security of parts and satisfactory operation.
  • The operation of the lift truck will be witnessed whilst undertaking its normal operating cycle. (The driver is to be provided by the customer.)